Retaining Walls

Creative designs backed up by reliable workmanship. 

No matter the grade change or the degree of slopes in the yard of your business or home, our retaining walls are designed for total functionality while adding a decorative element amongst your landscaping. Plus, retaining walls create a cleaner look and can provide more support in areas where the land changes. Whether it’s along a building or further into the property, we are able to construct a wall to match your designs and fit in with any other work you have in your yard.  

You can also incorporate other creative features, including: 

  • Stair Wells 
  • Multilevel Patios 
  • Water Features 
  • Flower Beds 
  • Trees 
  • Bushes 
  • Stone 

When you choose Great Escapes Hardscaping for your retaining wall, you gain access to a wide selection of manufactured retaining blocks and natural stone—so you are sure to find materials that you like and match your current aesthetic. We have extensive experience turning a variety of grades into fully functional spaces that you will be able to enjoy for a long time. 

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