Outdoor Lighting

Brighten up your yard with stylish lamps and lighting elements. 

From illuminating a walkway to lighting up a patio at night, we feature lighting options that are sure to make your yard shine with a cool glow. These light options can easily be incorporated into outside bars, kitchens, sitting areas and more—making it a cost-effective addition for any residential or commercial property. Our lighting options can make staying outside at night more comfortable, especially when having a gathering on your patio, around the fire or at your outdoor bar. Besides looking good, adding light fixtures to your landscaping can also add safety and security benefits by lighting up dark areas and helping people see where they are going.  

We offer two types of lights: 

  1. 110-Volt lights that would run though a light post or pillar top. Great for lighting up larger areas, such as patios or front yards. 
  2. Low-voltage LED lights that can highlight certain features like retaining walls, shrubbery, veneer stone, brick and more. Plus, it acts as a great way to illuminate walkways and outside stairs. 

Another way we can install lighting elements is by adding the low-voltage LED lights to sit walls, outdoor bar/kitchen countertops, step caps and more. The low-voltage lighting is low maintenance, energy-efficient and inexpensive to power. And when you choose Great Escapes Hardscaping, each of our installs features transformers with timers, allowing you to set specific times for your lights to turn on and off, which can add further cost savings to your electric bill. Overall, you can expect honest and reliable work that will last long into the future and make your home or business more accommodating. 

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